Siemens Sinumerik

Siemens Sinumerik


Engineering Technology Corpoartion uses the latest SiemensĀ® Sinumerik control system. Sinumerik is an ideal candidate for our filament winding and fiber placement applications with an open-ended architecture designed to accommodate multi-axis motion control. The system has been customized with a set of screens and control interfaces to support the filament winding process. These customizations include:

  • Tension control
  • Process logging
  • Mandrel pressurization
  • Bar code readers
  • Simplified winding machine and program selection interface, along with other enhancements

The controller supports G-Code and FiberGrafiX code along with all Siemens extensions.

This system can be expanded to support and control additional automation devices. Built-in diagnostics assist in support of up to 32 axes.